Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sen. Kennedy laid to rest

Today Sen. Kennedy lies in his grave, its truly a sad thing that has happpend.
Sen. Kennedy was laid to rest beside his slane brothers, he had brain cancer and lived to be seventy-seven years old. He accomplished a lot in his life, like he was one of the only seven people that served in the senate for a total of forty years. Before his death he sent a letter to the Pope asking him to pray for the senator (because his brain cancer was at its worst point), the message was deleverd by President Obama when he went to meet the Pope in July.

This is just a farewell to Sen. Kennedy...

India loses contact with Chandrayaan-1

India recently lost radio with there satllite that was going to take 3-D pictures of the moon, but in only about three-hundred days it completed a great deal of work.
The chances are slim that we can get the signal back said an indian offical.
The data that they got is going to be put to great use but what exactly happend?