Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introducing the Powermat

        One single device that can charge three of your devices with out a bunch of wires sounds good doesn't it? Well look here at the Powermat!
The Powermat is unique to its own kind it lets you charge three of your devices at once with out cables! all you have to do is put your device on the mat and boom! its charging! And don't worry if they are in a case because the Powermat can see threw that and still charge your device!
OK now lets say you want your iPod to look cool while its charging… well the nice Powermat people came up with a dock for your iPod!

imageThen again you have some devices like your Bluetooth headset or a PSP that just wont charge when you put them on your Powermat that's why they came up with this neat little device called the power cube which lets you charge them with a little cable!
The only problem that I found with this device is that you have to have the Powermat case to charge anything on the Powermat, so lets change the steps you take here- put the device in a case before you put it on the Powermat (don’t forget you have to buy the case first)
So at the end you have to buy the Powermat it self for a $100 then you have to buy the cases for your devices (right now it only supports blackberry's IPods and Nintendo DS’s) for $30-40 dollars each and if you want to buy the Powercube that's a extra $30. So my question- would you buy it?