Friday, April 9, 2010

iPhone OS 4 coming in the summer

We got the news yester day that the new iPhone OS 4 is coming to all or most apple mobile devices. Here is a rundown on what is included in this OS
*For people who don't know what OS is: OS(operating system) is kind of like the type of computer you have like windows 7 or vista Mac OSX etc.
Multitasking- a long asked for feature for the iPhone/iPod touch this app lets you run multiple apps at once with out running your battery down and making your apps feel slower.
Ability to gift apps- Now you can buy an app from the app store and gift it to another iTunes account!
Ability to change the background of your iPhone/iPod touch- A lot of jail broken(hacked) iPhone/iPod touch’s already have this feature but for the first time Apple imagemade it possible for everyone to do it.
Better Mail features- ability to make threads and a whole bunch of other stuff they did to enhance your mail app
Folders- ability to put certain apps in folders so its easier to navigate and organize your apps.
iBooks- the app that's on the iPad comes to the iPhone/iPod touch here you can read/buy books straight from the app store.
And there are apparently one hundred more user features included in the new OS but this is what Apple released to the public as of now not including other features for the developers.

So what do you think about the new OS? Do you think Apple is going to charge money to buy the new OS(I personally do)? Comment please!