Monday, December 21, 2009

Fords Upcoming Car “Sync” will offer in car Wi-Fi

image Fords new car model Sync is going to offer in car Wi-Fi so you can access the internet on the go with your iPod Touch or your laptop or any other device with Wi-Fi access. This is possible through the mobile broad band cards available through AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint available in the United States. This feature is a major break threw for the car community, no other car offers the features this car has.
How about checking on your Facebook status on the go or checking the stock market? Well its all possible with this car.  image
But lets look at this in another way- Don't you think that people already have enough distractions in the normal car these days? From cell phones to just changing the radio to a different channel people all over the world get into accidents for no reason! Before they put in all these fancy stuff in to a car they need to fix the safety issue. 
Then lets look at Fords past models, the usual gas guzzling chunks of metal! Hope fully Ford has fixed this issue as well in this car. Well right now the MPG stands at 30 city/40 hwy, which is not that bad but that is only the projected MPG we are not completely sure about that part yet.
In the end Ford set out a new generation of cars. How much do you think this car is worth? Well the estimated price stands at about $20,000.
imageDo you think its worth it? Please leave a comment and give me some feed back!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Google recently came out with a operating system for Net books-small computers that you have to pay money for
internet on the go. Check this video out for more information it looks pretty good right now!

What do you think of the new Chrome OS? Remember that this is a OS for Net
Books only well you can get it on your home computer too but its made for Net

Please comment and give me feed back!

You can download the BETA Here

Monday, December 7, 2009

The “Droid” review

There has been a lot of craze these days about the new phone “droid” well here is a imagereview that explains why its so popular.
The Droid by Motorola is a smart phone of this generation it can do a lot of things that normal phones simply can’t. Such as Google search by Voice, or a five Mega-Pixel camera built in and so on. Well its safe to say that some phones might be able to do this but those phones don’t exactly have everything Droid does.
Droid runs on Android (a operating system for your phone made by Google), it is a magnificent device sent out to kill the iPhone from the market and well till now its doing its job… 
Key Features:
  • 3.7 hi-res Touch screen
  • High speed Mobile Web Browsing
  • Is able to run Multiple apps
  • Google Search by voice
  • 5 MP camera with Flash
  • Tons of Apps including Facebook, Google Maps, You Tube, and Amazon MP3 Store
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS Navigation
  • MP3/4 player
  • 6hr 25min in Battery life stand by for 270hrs
  • Wi-Fi
The Battery life is fairly below average but other than that the Phones looks amazing! unless your the kind of person who likes to keep it simple. So how much is this going to cost you? Well $200 not counting the Data plan for about $30 a month.
In the end would you buy this phone or do you like keeping it simple and consider a phone a tool to call people? Please add a comment!

Images from Verizon and various sites from Google image search.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Introducing the Powermat

        One single device that can charge three of your devices with out a bunch of wires sounds good doesn't it? Well look here at the Powermat!
The Powermat is unique to its own kind it lets you charge three of your devices at once with out cables! all you have to do is put your device on the mat and boom! its charging! And don't worry if they are in a case because the Powermat can see threw that and still charge your device!
OK now lets say you want your iPod to look cool while its charging… well the nice Powermat people came up with a dock for your iPod!

imageThen again you have some devices like your Bluetooth headset or a PSP that just wont charge when you put them on your Powermat that's why they came up with this neat little device called the power cube which lets you charge them with a little cable!
The only problem that I found with this device is that you have to have the Powermat case to charge anything on the Powermat, so lets change the steps you take here- put the device in a case before you put it on the Powermat (don’t forget you have to buy the case first)
So at the end you have to buy the Powermat it self for a $100 then you have to buy the cases for your devices (right now it only supports blackberry's IPods and Nintendo DS’s) for $30-40 dollars each and if you want to buy the Powercube that's a extra $30. So my question- would you buy it?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clean up your desktop?

Well if you have a cluttered desktop and would like to organize it maybe fences is the right program for you! Fences is a type of software that runs on your desktop so you can manage your folders with ease!image
< Look at that! you can have your desktop that clean and more with just a few clicks by Fences. All you have to do to make a new fence is right click drag our what where you want your fence to be and select create new fence! easy as that!

Over just getting to organize your desktop there are a few tricks included like if you suddenly want to hide all the icons on your desktop just double click  it! change the colors of your fences and name them, move them around ext.

Fences is a completely safe software to use but just in case you don't like it, it saves your old desktop so you can un-install Fences and get back your original desktop!
Over all this it does not slow down your computer at all(I know this because I have fences!).
Take our word fences is a great desktop organizer!

So if you want to download fences follow this link:
Fences is a completely free program to use so enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What kind of E-mail do you use?

Well a lot of people are still using a type of email that is not suitable for them and they think that they cant change anything about it, this post is here to try and fix that problem.

First lets look at G-Mail:

G-Mail is a great E-mail browser you can do tons of things to customize your account and it really is not that hard! Using!image

When you look at a G-mail account you see all of your mail laid out in front of you which is the best part. All you have to do is log in and there you go you have all of your mail. You can customize your G-mail account to your preferences too! Change your theme over ten pre defined themes or make your own theme! G-mail is also safe it scans everything that comes into your mail so don't worry about getting infected by a virus(unless you use a Mac).  There is also a nice toolbox incase you want to help Google test out some new gadgets for G-Mail! its called Google Labs here you can find useful tools that you can add like widgets on to your G-Mail account to help you use your account better.


How about a Yahoo! account?


Yahoo is not better than G-mail but for a average person. Yahoo has a list of features that you can use built into your account so you can log in to Yahoo and find yourself doing more than just checking your mail. The major difference from Yahoo and G-mail and any other E-mail company is that Yahoo has a specific place for everything, to go to your mail you have to click a small tab somewhere on the page in other words it does not show your mail in the easiest way. Think about it Why do you have a E-mail account? to receive E-mails! Then why do you need to go to Yahoo!’s home page before you can actually see your mail? it really does not make sense to me. Beside that fact you can do just about anything on Yahoo like pick a color theme(you cant customize here only three colors to choose from) or get widgets on the side of your tab to help you use your email better. Safety is a priority here in Yahoo! MacAfee runs virus scans on e-mail sent out and received on your account, but this takes a longer time.

Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail….

Beside the confusion on the name; Windows live(lets just call it Windows Live) is a good mail server too but still like yahoo it lacks some important stuff needed to easily access your account. The picture you see on the right is what you see when you log in to your account. once again you have to click “Mail” to get to your actual purpose on the site. Then again Microsoft took E-Mail to the next level by making Windows Live(or changing Hotmail to Windows live). When you hit the homepage you see a lot of useful things such as the weather and news(which is there in yahoo too). When you click the Mail button it takes you to a page where you see all of your mail put out in a simple fashion. which is easy to access. If you have a PC you have a advantage by a gadget built in to your Windows 7/Vista/XP called Windows Live mail. Here you can send out E-mail and receive it with out even having to get use your internet browser! Security is standard on Windows Live mail- that's the only part that I dislike because I don't want to open a inbox with tons of viruses in it!


P.S : Chat is standard on all these websites. The reason I picked these three websites is because they are the most know/popular.


Monday, November 2, 2009

The New Microsoft Store

Microsoft opened its brand new store in Arizona and California on October 22 of last month. Yeah we know what your thinking “So late…” but we decided letting the store show how its going so far and then talk about it.

The store is looking promising so far. I mean you can get help on your PCs, they can fix it up, and you can just relax and play with all the cool Microsoft products. What makes them more diverse that the Apple Store is the fact that they have the best selling consoles demographically sitting on there shelves. Not only that you can get help with it. So far they are looking promising. There are problems though, one is the business strategy. If you don't already the MICROSOFT STORE is right next to the APPLE STORE. I don't know what Microsoft has up there sleeves but they are taking risks.  I wish the best luck to Microsoft and hope they are fully committed to having a store, if they are doing this just to copy Apple then its even more risky.
Comment and tell us what you think is interesting. It gets better when people give there opinions. Thank you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hulu to charge customers for viewing video?

Well news is coming in from everywhere that Hulu is going to start charging customers to view at least some of the content on the website. Jonathan Miller spoke about this to the Hollywood reporter last week, we are not sure when Hulu might start to do this but It is most probably going to happen soon. So a heads up not to get too attached to all the free High-def content on Hulu. 
Well of course its too late for a lot of people who love Hulu for free content on there online TV shows. I personally think they should not do this because they are sure to loose a lot of business because people will start to hate Hulu for doing that.
The question:
Would you pay for the content on Hulu?

Which web browser suits you?

If you are still confused about which web browser is the simplest and best to use this article just might help you out! These are the three most used web browsers than I recommend you download if you don't have them yet.
lets start with the web browser I prefer to use: Firefox
I prefer to use Firefox because it has a lot of features that you can download to make your experience on the web the most comfortable. This browser works on all types of computers Mac, PC or whatever! Don’t like the way your browser looks? You don’t have to worry about that because in Firefox you can download themes that fit your life style. With over 5000 Add-ons for free on Firefox’s website its really cool and convenient.

image image

What about Safari?
Safari 4 from apple is very… good? it has a really sleek design and looks and feels comfortable to use. Like Firefox Safari has add-ons too but a lot less more like 150 features. More over Safari is a safe browser you can set up parental controls easily and a lot more. Click here to view all the features on Safari. What I don’t like about Safari is that apple concentrates more on Apple customers than people who just downloaded the browser for free, they have more features recommended to Mac owners than the rest of the population.


image image

Internet Explorer:
Internet Explorer is my least recommended browser it does not have a lot of features and with out the right protection you could get a virus or spyware on your computer before you know. Microsoft obviously did not spend much time on creating Internet Explorer and until they sit down and concentrate on the browser its at the bottom of the food chain. I am not going to completely put down the browser it still has a lot of features that come with it that make it a good browser which is really easy to use.



Safari 4.0
Internet Explorer 8
Note: All of these browsers include at least some personalization when downloaded such as customizing the font, security etc.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mac VS. PC?

Well this debate has been going on for a while, and the question is who is the best? tell me what you think but so you don’t have to run out and do a bunch of research I did some for you baiscly on lap tops but I have some information on a base computer too enjoy!
MAC: Comes with a state of the art graphics for the gamers(the name of the chip is called the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M). One-hundred and sixty GB’s of storage, comes standard with a 2GB RAM. Comes with a powerful 2.13GHz intel Core 2 Duo, and provides a fast 1066MHz and 3MB of shared L2 cache so you are set to get the job done in a few seconds! With a 802.11 wireless capabilities you will not be having any WI-FI problems anytime soon. That's all of the “advanced” software built in to the MAC now for the hardware: 2 USB ports, Audio Jacks(in and out), Mini-DVI port to extend your Mac Book desktop by connecting an external display, Mag safe power adapter( which is very useful its just a magnetic connection rather than a physical one so if you trip over your cable it wont make your Mac Book flying across the room but just slipping cleanly off the adapter not damaging the cable or the system), a Gigabit Ethernet port, and a convenient Kingston Lock Slot. The Mac Book also comes with a built in iSight camera, you can use this for iChat and video sharing is a piece of cake. And the Disk Drive which is standard on every laptop and base computer.
The features you get with a standard Mac are important too and there are a lot of them, such as the Mac has iTunes built in to the laptop, there is more software for people who have a lot of features like the face recognition program, every new Mac has a iSight camera so you can chat with people instantly, a state of the art GPS system is also built in to the system, and a lot more features like this(yes there are so many that this post would take up a lot more space to write about them). whymac_macosx_4_20090608
Lets not forget the price of the system which right now in best buy is $1,000 dollars for a standard one and a pro costs $1,199.99 and then the Aluminum Pro costs $1,699.99(the color makes the difference). The new Mac Book Air costs about $1,800 and the small but efficient Mac mini costs $600.
Now the PC: There are many PC’s in this world, a lot of companies base there whole product industry on Microsoft’s operating system, DELL, Gateway, and a lot, lot more! A PC has about the same features as a Mac it just depends on which company you are buying the PC from. HP is a good company to buy a PC from they have a lot more features built in to the system, PC’s range from about 200$ and up. Every PC has a windows Vista operating system (unless you still have the older version, Not saying that's bad XP has more features than Vista!), windows Vista has not gotten really good results because there were a lot of problems with it such as it asks too man questions and so on and so forth. OK back to the subject a standard PC laptop doesn't have anything too fancy, two USB ports a disk drive, an up to date video card, efficient RAM, 14-image19 inches in screen size, and a wireless card. 
Lets not forget that the majority of laptop owners in the United States have PC’s (like me) and this is because the PC’s come in a cheaper price and they get the job done. Especially in this recession PC sales have been up and Mac sales are down.
Tell me what you think about my research and which system you would prefer[Mac or PC?].

Playstation Go- the review

The PSP GO is a small computer that fits in you pocket. I say this because of the features:
  • 16 GB flash memory built in.
  • The best games you can get on a portable device(well the one with the best graphics).
  • Games, Music, Movies, an MP3 MP4 players, with an internet browser and more!
  • 3.8 inch LCD screen
  • Adaptable to TiVo TOGO or Location Free TV or Skype
  • Parental controls
  • Bluetooth compatible

    The PSP GO comes in two colors pearl white and piano black:

It a slide to open system so when you are watching a movie you can close the screen for a better look! The PSP Go is not like a normal portable gaming system you can customize your own background with templates that you get off the internet browser on your PSP(or you can make your own background if you have a PS3). Now the Internet browser is really good in fact you have a lot of features on the internet you can choose from(I know there are better internet browsers on the Iphone or other phones but this is a gaming system with a really good internet browser). If you want to know why I say it is a really good game player well here it is: if you are looking in to graphics on the go this is the system for you, games you get on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 are on the PSP(Gran Turismo, Madden NFL 2010 and more!). Great online game player too.

The official price of the PSP is two-hundred and fifty dollars, I personally disagree with the price because it cant do much more than what the other PSP systems could other than the flip screen and that's about it. Would you buy this or would you buy some thing like the iPod touch which is a lot cheaper? and most importantly do you like the new gadget?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Optical Illusions that boggle you mind

I found eight optical illusions that really mess with your mind I don't know what it is but these pictures seem to move when they really are not…

image                                       A photo from Flickr if you look at the almond shaped objects

they seem to move.


A photo from Flickr, Look at the center of the picture if you stair at this one long enough you will notice a fast pulsing multi-colored vortex.



Another photo from Flickr, the blue almond shaped objects look as if they are passing over each other.


A photo from Flickr, stare at the middle of the square it almost feels like it is bulging out at you.


Brought to you by Flickr, there is no real way to explain what this picture I would say it kind of looks like a kaleidoscope.


Courtesy of Paco Calvino, the black and white lines make it look like there are various depths in the image showing a bunch of different entry ways to the center of the picture.


Photo courtesy of Toad A. Carpenter, stare at the center of the picture it feels like the rings on the outside are moving.


Brought to you by Angie Armstrong, these purple green and white stars feel as if they are moving… don’t stare at them too long or you might get a little nauseated.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh dropped from bidding on the St. Louis Rams

Why in the world would Rush Limbaugh try to bid for the St. Louis Rams? When I first heard about this it concerned me deeply because I was afraid that he might get his conservative/sometimes racist talk to sports. Even if most people in the country were not afraid of this the football players and coaches were afraid of this as well! 
imageSome people think he is a great talk show host and that's all that he is he is simply not meant to own a football team or even part of it because of his past actuations. According to lead sources Limbaugh comes with too much “troubling” baggage to bid for the team. Even the owner of Indianapolis Colts (Jim Irsay) complained and said that it would cause too much trouble within the league. Even though we are not all fans of imagethe St. Louis Rams what do you have to say about Rush Limbaugh trying to bid on them?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What’s wrong with CNN?

I visit CNN everyday to keep up with the world but today was different, the first thing I see when I visit the site is this:
Is that really news? I mean even it is why in the world would they have a video of it!? Then its under a tab called “Must-Watch Video” I really started laughing when I saw this for the first time and I mean its CNN supposedly the worlds best channel for news! good job CNN… Need I say more?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Phone from Garmin?

Yea that's what I thought when I first heard about the new “nüvifone” from Garmin! The phone is now available from AT&T looks actually… pretty good!
Built in to the system you will find the fully-integrate worlds best selling GPS system with a bunch of preloaded maps, like all the other AT&T phones it is a 3G phone with HTML web browsing e-mail and text messaging blue tooth capability and a standard 3 megapixel camera. Then again it does have a anti glare (OLED) touch screen display a virtual QWERTY keyboard and you can multi task on many apps. One thing that really caught my eye was that you can connect to a WIFI connection! You can view files on the go from Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, and JPG. Mobile E-mail is standard on the nüvifone from G-Mail, HOTMAIL, AOL mail, POP3 and IMAP. Another really good feature that comes with the phone is a device called Ciao! which basically links all your social networks to gather so you can get your friends status or change your own status on Facebook or any other social networking site on the go! rather than having to log in to each one and doing it one by one! Like Music? well it has a MP3 player built in to the phone so you can listen to music(even though this is becoming standard on every phone). One of the things that turn me off about this device is that well they are suppose to give you 4GB of memory(which is very little any ways) but they have to shrink it down because of the preloaded Maps! Then if I wanted more memory I would have to go out and buy me a Micro SD card which costs a lot! Then there is the fact that if I were to go out on a long trip and don’t have a car charger I would only be able to talk on the phone for four hours and that will probably be cut done more if I am multi tasking by talking to a friend and using the map on the phone…

If you were to buy this it would cost you $300 what do you say? good deal or bad  and last most important would you buy this?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project Natal from Microsoft

Microsoft has a new product coming out and it just might make Microsoft and break the Wii. The new project is really good in fact here is a video:

Project Natal
The new devise hooks up with your Xbox 360 and there you go you now have totally awesome new device that can do tons of things! This is most probably going to crack the Wii a lot of people would really want to buy this more than a Wii because of all the quality's that you get with this awesome new gadget that is definitely going to make Microsoft! The no controller is going to be a big hit form my point of view. The product should be out in stores by next year. Which leads me to ask this question: Are you excited about Project Natal? How much do you think Microsoft is going to charge for it or how much would you pay for it? and the last question- Do you like the product?microsoft_xbox_360_project_natal1
< Yes it needs the Xbox 360 to work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nano shoots video

As everyone knows Apple made it big by creating there sleek and good looking music players. So to add to a camera to the iPod Nano maybe useful right? Well they did that and a lot more to there newvideo iPod Nano. One of the main new features of the iPod Nano is that well it has a built in FM tuner unlike any other iPod player, well that was not enough for Apple they also built in a gadget that lets you pause a live radio station so you can listen to your favorite radio song later! There is also a new Pedometer feature that you can count your steps with, or you can hook your iPod up with Nike and you can track your fitness project. To add to this all you get a bigger screen and a slightly better operating system on the player. As usual you get it in catchy colors:image

Do you think it is worth the money to buy this iPod would you just stick with a normal mp3 or mp4 player? Do you think its worth its $150 dollars?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AT&T takes the phone out of the iPhone?

Reports are coming in from everywhere that iPhone users are having problems with the first generation iPhone, there have been reports such as more dropped calls poor coverage and just not able to pick up a reception! So what exactly is going on? When a CNET reporter asked the CEO of AT&T that same question his reply was something like this: "We lead the industry in smart phones, as a result we are having to stay ahead of what is incredible and increasing demand for wireless data services". He gave reasons or "excuses" why the reception wasn't good too like it could depend on the thickness of the building you are in or what location you are, but this doesn't make any since because well its AT&T's job to give us wireless access everywhere we are is it not? This is why we pay them money! He put another excuse out there saying that the first generation iPhone use the EDGE data network which is slower than a 3G network, yea maybe this might slow down the iPhone but it still does not explain why the phone sometimes does not even receive a signal! What I am saying is AT&T is growing with more customers and if they really want to keep up the growth they need to fix their coverage and phones.
image image

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sen. Kennedy laid to rest

Today Sen. Kennedy lies in his grave, its truly a sad thing that has happpend.
Sen. Kennedy was laid to rest beside his slane brothers, he had brain cancer and lived to be seventy-seven years old. He accomplished a lot in his life, like he was one of the only seven people that served in the senate for a total of forty years. Before his death he sent a letter to the Pope asking him to pray for the senator (because his brain cancer was at its worst point), the message was deleverd by President Obama when he went to meet the Pope in July.

This is just a farewell to Sen. Kennedy...

India loses contact with Chandrayaan-1

India recently lost radio with there satllite that was going to take 3-D pictures of the moon, but in only about three-hundred days it completed a great deal of work.
The chances are slim that we can get the signal back said an indian offical.
The data that they got is going to be put to great use but what exactly happend?