Monday, September 5, 2011

My letter to the editor (Time Magazine)

While you wait for me to post another article, I found something you might like to read. My current article about the social movement on Wall Street is under way. Here's my Letter to the editor, which wasn't published in Time Magazine:

Ultranationalist Americans don’t exist
Joel Stein’s piece [“Joel vs. the volcano”, July 4th] was disconcerting. Stein writes about Iceland’s new constitution but also criticizes Americans. First he says that U.S. citizens would write U-S-A in big letters on a new constitution if it was proposed. I think Mr. Stein is not really being completely serious, but I still that that the premise that Americans are ill-informed is incorrect. Some people have good ideas like reforming government for the betterment of the people. On the other hand, many Americans don’t have the appropriate sources of information to become politically-literate citizens. Later in the column, Mr. Stein writes “I was totally right to have never read through our Constitution all the way through. Constitutions are boring.” Mr. Stein seems have a smart-alecy tone throughout the piece and he seems to think he is the only one who knows about the Constitution’s inner workings. That’s just not true. He does not seem to be a fair judge of the document. At the end of the column, he writes “America’s found[ers]…wrote a document…that prevents…direct democracy [that] could lead to people giving themselves ludicrously low taxes and insanely generous benefits.” Mr. Stein seems to not have faith in the American spirit and the American character to lead meaningful change. In conclusion, I believe Mr. Stein is mischaracterizing Americans as ignorant, incompetent and jingoist.