Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What kind of E-mail do you use?

Well a lot of people are still using a type of email that is not suitable for them and they think that they cant change anything about it, this post is here to try and fix that problem.

First lets look at G-Mail:

G-Mail is a great E-mail browser you can do tons of things to customize your account and it really is not that hard! Using!image

When you look at a G-mail account you see all of your mail laid out in front of you which is the best part. All you have to do is log in and there you go you have all of your mail. You can customize your G-mail account to your preferences too! Change your theme over ten pre defined themes or make your own theme! G-mail is also safe it scans everything that comes into your mail so don't worry about getting infected by a virus(unless you use a Mac).  There is also a nice toolbox incase you want to help Google test out some new gadgets for G-Mail! its called Google Labs here you can find useful tools that you can add like widgets on to your G-Mail account to help you use your account better.


How about a Yahoo! account?


Yahoo is not better than G-mail but for a average person. Yahoo has a list of features that you can use built into your account so you can log in to Yahoo and find yourself doing more than just checking your mail. The major difference from Yahoo and G-mail and any other E-mail company is that Yahoo has a specific place for everything, to go to your mail you have to click a small tab somewhere on the page in other words it does not show your mail in the easiest way. Think about it Why do you have a E-mail account? to receive E-mails! Then why do you need to go to Yahoo!’s home page before you can actually see your mail? it really does not make sense to me. Beside that fact you can do just about anything on Yahoo like pick a color theme(you cant customize here only three colors to choose from) or get widgets on the side of your tab to help you use your email better. Safety is a priority here in Yahoo! MacAfee runs virus scans on e-mail sent out and received on your account, but this takes a longer time.

Windows Live/MSN/Hotmail….http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/44/LiveCom2.jpg

Beside the confusion on the name; Windows live(lets just call it Windows Live) is a good mail server too but still like yahoo it lacks some important stuff needed to easily access your account. The picture you see on the right is what you see when you log in to your account. once again you have to click “Mail” to get to your actual purpose on the site. Then again Microsoft took E-Mail to the next level by making Windows Live(or changing Hotmail to Windows live). When you hit the homepage you see a lot of useful things such as the weather and news(which is there in yahoo too). When you click the Mail button it takes you to a page where you see all of your mail put out in a simple fashion. which is easy to access. If you have a PC you have a advantage by a gadget built in to your Windows 7/Vista/XP called Windows Live mail. Here you can send out E-mail and receive it with out even having to get use your internet browser! Security is standard on Windows Live mail- that's the only part that I dislike because I don't want to open a inbox with tons of viruses in it!


P.S : Chat is standard on all these websites. The reason I picked these three websites is because they are the most know/popular.


Monday, November 2, 2009

The New Microsoft Store

Microsoft opened its brand new store in Arizona and California on October 22 of last month. Yeah we know what your thinking “So late…” but we decided letting the store show how its going so far and then talk about it.

The store is looking promising so far. I mean you can get help on your PCs, they can fix it up, and you can just relax and play with all the cool Microsoft products. What makes them more diverse that the Apple Store is the fact that they have the best selling consoles demographically sitting on there shelves. Not only that you can get help with it. So far they are looking promising. There are problems though, one is the business strategy. If you don't already the MICROSOFT STORE is right next to the APPLE STORE. I don't know what Microsoft has up there sleeves but they are taking risks.  I wish the best luck to Microsoft and hope they are fully committed to having a store, if they are doing this just to copy Apple then its even more risky.
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