Monday, November 15, 2010

Is Microsoft's Kinect the future of gaming?

Ten days after Microsoft released its new type of gaming product there has been a rather "mellow" reaction only about one million copies have been sold which if you compare it to all the people in the world who actually own a Xbox it is rather... sad?
This is in fact one of the most amazing products released by a company in a really long time (I mean there is no controller!) and the last thing I am trying to do is criticizes it, all I am saying is that it is rather sad to see that not a lot of people are interested in this type of product. But hopefully it will catch on while people upload their own personal Kinect fail videos on to you tube.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Mash Up!

Here is this week mash up of all things tech and news and more!

Android now has 100,000 Apps and over 1 billion Apps downloaded
   Is Android catching up to Apple in the amount of Apps? well no not really the App store beat 100,000 Apps back in November of 2009 and the App store has over 3 billion Apps downloaded but Android is certainly catching up!

Looks like Facebook users found a new gaming addiction this time its called "FrontierVille"
   As of today over 20 Million have started to play the new online sensation which is called FrontierVille. It's still got a way to go to catch up to the other online gaming addiction FarmVille but hey it's made by the same company(zynga)
 so more is good right?

BP stopped the leak!
  Well for now anyways they are still testing it to see if its going to hold but for now at least as of 4:13-4:14 PM Eastern time they put what looks like a huge weight on it. Check out the video and watch how exactly they stopped it: 

Hulu Plus exclusive on PS3 for awhile..
  Well it's official Sony has accomplished getting Hulu plus for the PS3 exclusively for 1 year! Adding to this just to clear out a rumor you do not have to have a playstation Plus account which you have to pay $50 for to have it running on your PS3. So congratulations Sony but we still are not getting a lot of reviews about it so if you have or have seen it in the works comment and tell us about it!
Here is a pic for people who have not seen it yet:

And to close of this post here are a few things I found interesting on Amazon: 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iPhone carrier unlock coming soon?

   Even more news from Apple is coming in and apparently this time the iPhone 4 is closed to being unlocked but not just yet. According to the video the hacker (or unlocker whatever you may call them) is saying the unlock is still really buggy and it's still a work in progress but soon all iPhones will be able to be jailbroken and unlocked to run with any cell phone company which uses sim cards. But do you really want to jailbreak you iPhone and risk the chance of loosing your warranty or do you want to wait and pay for the official unlock? Well the choice is yours but whatever you may choose you will still have to wait a significant amount of time. Watch this video for more information:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A new Apple device coming soon? [RUMOR]

According to a Taiwanese website there are leaked pictures of a new Apple touchscreen device that is only 3cm square inches (1.18 in). Is it fake? Is it real? Well we are not exactly sure just yet but considering the sites past record (leaking the white iPhone 4) it looks kinda promising. So in the future days we will hopefully be seeing a new device maybe a iPod nano or a new shuffle- We don't know yet but here are two pictures so you can drool over whatever it is:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The future of Flash in 3D?

Actually Adobe itself admitted that it is working on a 3D flash player we still don't know how this is exactly going to work but this is going to be a amazing technology that will throw us into the future. The idea is going to be coming to the table in October and we don't know how long it is going to take to actually come to the rest of us to use. Hey if Adobe comes out with this product and it actually works its really going to be amazing next thing  human kind needs to discover- 4D (wonder how thats going to work).
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iPod touch with camera coming this fall? [RUMOR]

    Well this is still a rumor but coming this fall there just might be a iPod touch with a front and rear facing camera. Despite the rather ugly looking image remind  your self that this is not the finished product! These images turned up on some random Chinese websites, but the images have also been backed up by an UK retailer John Lewis who also said a major iPod touch refresh will be coming this September. He also mentioned that the new iPod touch will match the iPhone's new features including Face time support, a gyroscope, and a 5-mega pixel camera with HD video editing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Mash Up!

Introducing the weekly mash up, on a random day every week we will post a mash up of different mini reviews/gadgets/news etc. These can be polls or they can just catch you up with the news! Here is the first, enjoy!

iPhone/iPod touch and iPad just might make other handheld game systems extinct.

Consider this for one second... is it easier to play games on an PSP or Nintendo DSi or is it easier to play a game on your iPod touch or iPhone? (that's if you have one) Experts are already saying that in the short future all other hand held game systems are just a bit too complex for the rest of us to play on but the iPod touch and iPhone makes playing games easier and more interactive. In the end the decision is completely up to you but more people are buying iPhone's and iPod touch's just because of the fact that they can do more than an hand held button pressing game system.

Are we forgetting about the oil spill?
Well the oil spill has been going on for a while and if you watch the news every day or even every other day you should know that there has been less and lesser (if that's a word) news or even talk about it. So are we or not?

Is Android the new Windows of mobile devices?
Think about it Android is just like windows they sell there OS to different companies (like HTC or Motorola to name a few) to put in there products which is almost exactly like Windows. So are Android users facing the same issues as Windows users are? Cheap prices on some amazing products on Amazon I suggest buying:


Monday, July 5, 2010

Google TV?

For people who don't know yet Google is coming our with there own form of watching television and the result is Google TV. Google and Logitech have been working to gather to make a device called Revue that will be coming out this fall which is suppose to enhance the way you watch TV. Just like Apple TV or your normal home DVR (if you have one) you can use this new gadget to record and watch movies, but Google has also added a key feature to their device unlike any other DVR or whatever you may call them and this is a "Internet Browser". So now you can not only watch and record TV you can also browse the web for videos such as Youtube or Hulu and watch them on your living room TV with your family rather than crowding around small computer monitor!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yeah we are back. Again.

    And this time its going to be different.. This is the new Interesting blogger, meaning more news more reviews and a better all around feel. Of course we will still be writing about technology (I mean thats what we do- thats what we are good at) but we will also be introducing new topics, subjects, and things that will make you want to  plant your face on your monitor and actually comment on the new articals. I mean we can't promise that all of you guys will "like" all our articals but hopefully you will be more engaged or interested in them.
  Sneak peeks:
  • Better reviews and more interesting gadgets- So you don't want to hear about some random gadget you've never heard of huh? Well with our up coming reviews we will make you more knowledgeable of the gadgets and introduce them to you in a whole new way..
  • News- Usually most people find this subject boring but we want to redesign the way you look at news from now on. We are not going to post things that you may find boring in fact not all the news you may see on CNN show up because not all the news on CNN is not exactly what you would call interesting.
  • Entertainment- Now this is still a maybe so we are not sure if we are going to add this but if we do people who find TV, Movies, etc can refer to this section. 
  • Not perfect English- Nobody is perfect so don't expect our English to be either! 
  • Amazon Associates- Now with Amazon Associates added to the site we will allow users to order there gadgets(if they are interested) straight from the website so you don't have to Google it and find it from some random website, just click on the product and buy it!
Check back soon for a new post! And here are a few example of the Amazon Associates: 

Friday, April 9, 2010

iPhone OS 4 coming in the summer

We got the news yester day that the new iPhone OS 4 is coming to all or most apple mobile devices. Here is a rundown on what is included in this OS
*For people who don't know what OS is: OS(operating system) is kind of like the type of computer you have like windows 7 or vista Mac OSX etc.
Multitasking- a long asked for feature for the iPhone/iPod touch this app lets you run multiple apps at once with out running your battery down and making your apps feel slower.
Ability to gift apps- Now you can buy an app from the app store and gift it to another iTunes account!
Ability to change the background of your iPhone/iPod touch- A lot of jail broken(hacked) iPhone/iPod touch’s already have this feature but for the first time Apple imagemade it possible for everyone to do it.
Better Mail features- ability to make threads and a whole bunch of other stuff they did to enhance your mail app
Folders- ability to put certain apps in folders so its easier to navigate and organize your apps.
iBooks- the app that's on the iPad comes to the iPhone/iPod touch here you can read/buy books straight from the app store.
And there are apparently one hundred more user features included in the new OS but this is what Apple released to the public as of now not including other features for the developers.

So what do you think about the new OS? Do you think Apple is going to charge money to buy the new OS(I personally do)? Comment please!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

App of the week

The Yahoo! Inquisitorimage
From using this app for a while I really like it I enjoy the ease of using it! All you have to do is open the app and type in whatever you want on the search bar from websites to certain words.
It’s free so go and try it out! It’s a great app!
image image  image

What's the craze on the iPad?

Here is an inside look on Apple’s newest gadget called the iPad…
Apple has come out with a magnificent gadget here no doubt but should you pay the $500(that’s just the 16gb the rest of the prices are listed below)? Well here is the review that just might want to buy this new gadget and it also might not.
Tech specs:
  • 9.7 in all around great touch screen the same as the ones on the iPhone and iPod touch’s but only bigger. Fingerprint resistant! 1024-by768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch(ppi)(thats good for people who don’t understand/care what that is)
  • Wi-Fi or 3G connection
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Comes in 16GB,32GB, or 64GB
  • Up to ten hours in battery life
  • All apps from the app store work on the iPad
  • Mac keyboard dock
Size and weight for anyone who cares:
  • Height: 9.56 inches
  • width: 7.47 inches
  • Depth: 0.5 inch
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds Wi-Fi model; 1.6 pounds Wi-Fi + 3G model.

So you can check your mail, play your apps, listen to music, watch high quality videos, and browse the internet with the tap of your finger tips with a better and bigger more enhanced version of the iPhone/iPod touch.
So how much are you guys thinking this will cost? Well it actually depends on what model you want to get! here is a graph:

16GB 32GB 64GB
Wi_Fi version $499 $599 $699
Wi-Fi + 3G $629 $729 $829

And if you get 3G you still have to pay the data plan that is either available threw AT&T or Verizon its not exactly decided yet.
So what do you think? Would you buy it? Please leave a comment and start talking! We love to hear your feed back!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to install templates on your blog

This post is made for people who:

  1. Have there own blog on blogger
  2. Want to install a customized template on their blog
  3. Don’t know how to install a custom template on there blog!

The first thing you want to know about installing your own custom templates on your blog is that- Once you install your own template all your widgets on your side bar will be erased meaning you can’t get them back!

It gets complicated so hang with me and if you read all the steps you can be successful. Oh and its Not illegal so don't worry about blogger taking away your blog(Interesting Blogger has a upgraded template too!)

Now that that’s finished here is how to install your own template:

  1. First you want to download a template any website here are a few examples: etc. Just Google search free blogger templates. Make sure the file you downloaded is a XML file! The file you download needs to be unzipped! So it depends on what kind of computer you have, Windows 7 and Vista all you have to do is right click and press 7 zip and extract full. XP can most probably do this but if you can’t download: Winrar it unzips files for you and there is a trial.
  2. Go to your blogger dashboard and click Layout
  3. Once you are in the screen where it lets you add/arrange page elements click- Edit HTML
  4. This is where it gets complicated well kind of. **REMEMBER** before you follow this step after you upload your new template Blogger will delete all your sidebar widgets(Not your posts)!!
  5. Click browse select the file you previously downloaded from a site from step one… Then Upload it.
  6. Once you have accept everything that blogger tells you and go back to your site and there you go! Brand new awesome looking templates for your site!

Other problems and solutions:

Say you downloaded a template and everything looks great but… You don’t like the font type. Well there is a easy solution to that! All you have to do is go to Layout and click Fonts and colors, and here you can choose the color of your title/text/ and everything else!

You downloaded a template but want to switch back to your pervious layout? The answer is simple but for people who have not done this before they uploaded there new template I am sorry we can’t do anything about that. Okay so all you have to do is go to Edit HTML on your Layout page and BEFORE you upload your new template click download Full Template. And by doing this you can switch between templates!

Do you have buttons on your template that you want to activate? Simple after you have unziped the template you downloaded click one of the “Read Me” notepad things.

Any other questions? leave a comment below and I will reply to you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Great App’s for iPod touch and iPhone

image Pandora Radio:

If you have a iPhone or iPod touch get this app! its been out for a while but its a great app if you want to listen to music.

There is a whole bunch of stations for artists that you can browse from and a huge selection of music. The Pandora app is great, its simple yet elegant. Tons of music on your finger tips, and if you want to buy that particular song iTunes is just a touch away!

Lucky for black berry owners there is a Pandora app for them too!

This is a free app so you don't have to pay anything for it! meaning it gives you music for free!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The amazing new iMac

imageThe new iMac is a wonderful desktop computer it has tons of new things that everyone finds useful. But lets look in to the new computer what is it really made of is it worth every cent of the money we pay for it? Here is the official review of the new iMac.
Lets be clear on something's first the new iMac has had its problems recently, Apple is imageholding shipments on the 27 inch iMac’s because the screens were not working right some were turning yellow and some kept flickering for some reason but people are saying that they got damaged during shipment.
A few specifications:
  • Comes in two sizes: 21.5 inch or 27 inch
  • A wireless keyboard and Apples new *Magic mouse is included when bought.
  • iSight camera/webcam built-in
  • In the back it has: 4 USB ports, 1 FireWire port 800, Mini display port, Ethernet port, Audio in/out ports and a SD card slot.
  • LED backlit
  • Pick from a 3.06Ghz core 2 Duo processor with a 3MB shard L2 cache or a 3.33GHz Intel core 2 Duo processor with 6MB shared L2 cache on both 21.5-inch and 27-inch models
  • 27-inch models include either a 2.66GHz quad-core Intel core i5 processor with 8MB shared L3 cache;Turbo boost dynamic performance up to 3.2GHz or a 2.8Ghz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 8MB shared L3 cache; Turbo Boost dynamic performance up to 3.46GHz; Hyper-Threading for up to eight virtual cores. AMAZING!
  • 4GB (two 2GB SO-0DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; four SO-DIMM slots support up to 16GB
  • Built-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking 802.11 IEEE a/b/g compatible
  • Built in Bluetooth 2.1
  • Hidden Stereo Speakers
  • 21.5-inch models can have 500GB or 1Terrabyte 2700-rpm hard drive or optional 2Terrabyte 7200-rpm hard drive
  • 27-inch models come with 1TB(terabyte) or a 2TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA hard drive
  • All comes with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard software
*Apple recently came out with the new “Magic Mouse” it is the worlds first multi-touch mouse.

The new iMac is for real a beautiful new computer, It has all these new features built imagein to it over that its super fast nice to look at and is just a awesome computer. PC lovers have to give this computer some credit Apple has come a long way in coming up with this beautiful and fast computer.
Now the main question: How much is it?
Well this depends on what you want in your iMac but the basis: 21.5-inch basic no extra stroage place or anything(the cheapest its going to get)- $1,199.00
27-inch Basic- $1,699.00
Seriously would you buy it or would you stick with the normal PC?

The thing that people don't understand is that what you pay for the Mac is of course a high price but its quality, I am not going to say that a PC does not have any quality the new windows seven is a amazing machine but what I am saying is that there are overall less viruses for any kind of Mac. Mac’s stay with you for a overall longer time that PC’s do that's just how it works. I have a PC at my house but boy I would do anything for that Mac up there but after you go threw a certain part of your life using the PC you just get used to it sure they might be slow and stupid sometimes but hey god made Bill Gates make a Windows for the rest of us(or it sure does feel like that).
The new iMac is a great computer period no questions asked is what I have to say.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello from the app world

Hey guys I know it's been a long time since my last ligit post but I can explain!
Well recently I went out and boughty self a Apple iPod touch and since then I have been lost in amazement.
Can you really imagine that I am sitting in my living room right now far far away from my computer and I am writing this post? I mean really now that is amazing.
I am using this cool app I got called iBlogger a wonderful thing I say that you know let's you post stuff whereever you got some WiFi!
I might as well add in that the only reason I did get a iPod touch rather than a iPhone is because AT&T is a company that I am not really found of.
Now back to the app! There are a few bad things about this particular app putting pictures on here I a little bit harder than I thought so notice that.
Now if you don't have a iPod I highly recommend you get one if you can.
I know that this is really not a long post but I am still getting used to the key board so give me some time!
I love talking to whoever that's reading my blog about technology but I think it's time to kind of stray off of that topic I figured you guys were kinda getting bored of that.. Now don't get me wrong i will still talk about technology but I will be talking about other things as well.

Thank you for reading comment/subscribe you guys know the deal!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cell phones cause cancer?

Reports are coming in from every where that mobile cell phones could cause cancer! The majority of the world uses cell phones and it almost feels impossible that this could. With a whole bunch of new phones coming out like googles nexus and the famous apples iPhone should we be scared?