Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clean up your desktop?

Well if you have a cluttered desktop and would like to organize it maybe fences is the right program for you! Fences is a type of software that runs on your desktop so you can manage your folders with ease!image
< Look at that! you can have your desktop that clean and more with just a few clicks by Fences. All you have to do to make a new fence is right click drag our what where you want your fence to be and select create new fence! easy as that!

Over just getting to organize your desktop there are a few tricks included like if you suddenly want to hide all the icons on your desktop just double click  it! change the colors of your fences and name them, move them around ext.

Fences is a completely safe software to use but just in case you don't like it, it saves your old desktop so you can un-install Fences and get back your original desktop!
Over all this it does not slow down your computer at all(I know this because I have fences!).
Take our word fences is a great desktop organizer!

So if you want to download fences follow this link:
Fences is a completely free program to use so enjoy!

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