Monday, November 2, 2009

The New Microsoft Store

Microsoft opened its brand new store in Arizona and California on October 22 of last month. Yeah we know what your thinking “So late…” but we decided letting the store show how its going so far and then talk about it.

The store is looking promising so far. I mean you can get help on your PCs, they can fix it up, and you can just relax and play with all the cool Microsoft products. What makes them more diverse that the Apple Store is the fact that they have the best selling consoles demographically sitting on there shelves. Not only that you can get help with it. So far they are looking promising. There are problems though, one is the business strategy. If you don't already the MICROSOFT STORE is right next to the APPLE STORE. I don't know what Microsoft has up there sleeves but they are taking risks.  I wish the best luck to Microsoft and hope they are fully committed to having a store, if they are doing this just to copy Apple then its even more risky.
Comment and tell us what you think is interesting. It gets better when people give there opinions. Thank you.

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