Monday, December 21, 2009

Fords Upcoming Car “Sync” will offer in car Wi-Fi

image Fords new car model Sync is going to offer in car Wi-Fi so you can access the internet on the go with your iPod Touch or your laptop or any other device with Wi-Fi access. This is possible through the mobile broad band cards available through AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint available in the United States. This feature is a major break threw for the car community, no other car offers the features this car has.
How about checking on your Facebook status on the go or checking the stock market? Well its all possible with this car.  image
But lets look at this in another way- Don't you think that people already have enough distractions in the normal car these days? From cell phones to just changing the radio to a different channel people all over the world get into accidents for no reason! Before they put in all these fancy stuff in to a car they need to fix the safety issue. 
Then lets look at Fords past models, the usual gas guzzling chunks of metal! Hope fully Ford has fixed this issue as well in this car. Well right now the MPG stands at 30 city/40 hwy, which is not that bad but that is only the projected MPG we are not completely sure about that part yet.
In the end Ford set out a new generation of cars. How much do you think this car is worth? Well the estimated price stands at about $20,000.
imageDo you think its worth it? Please leave a comment and give me some feed back!

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