Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello from the app world

Hey guys I know it's been a long time since my last ligit post but I can explain!
Well recently I went out and boughty self a Apple iPod touch and since then I have been lost in amazement.
Can you really imagine that I am sitting in my living room right now far far away from my computer and I am writing this post? I mean really now that is amazing.
I am using this cool app I got called iBlogger a wonderful thing I say that you know let's you post stuff whereever you got some WiFi!
I might as well add in that the only reason I did get a iPod touch rather than a iPhone is because AT&T is a company that I am not really found of.
Now back to the app! There are a few bad things about this particular app putting pictures on here I a little bit harder than I thought so notice that.
Now if you don't have a iPod I highly recommend you get one if you can.
I know that this is really not a long post but I am still getting used to the key board so give me some time!
I love talking to whoever that's reading my blog about technology but I think it's time to kind of stray off of that topic I figured you guys were kinda getting bored of that.. Now don't get me wrong i will still talk about technology but I will be talking about other things as well.

Thank you for reading comment/subscribe you guys know the deal!

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