Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Mash Up!

Here is this week mash up of all things tech and news and more!

Android now has 100,000 Apps and over 1 billion Apps downloaded
   Is Android catching up to Apple in the amount of Apps? well no not really the App store beat 100,000 Apps back in November of 2009 and the App store has over 3 billion Apps downloaded but Android is certainly catching up!

Looks like Facebook users found a new gaming addiction this time its called "FrontierVille"
   As of today over 20 Million have started to play the new online sensation which is called FrontierVille. It's still got a way to go to catch up to the other online gaming addiction FarmVille but hey it's made by the same company(zynga)
 so more is good right?

BP stopped the leak!
  Well for now anyways they are still testing it to see if its going to hold but for now at least as of 4:13-4:14 PM Eastern time they put what looks like a huge weight on it. Check out the video and watch how exactly they stopped it: 

Hulu Plus exclusive on PS3 for awhile..
  Well it's official Sony has accomplished getting Hulu plus for the PS3 exclusively for 1 year! Adding to this just to clear out a rumor you do not have to have a playstation Plus account which you have to pay $50 for to have it running on your PS3. So congratulations Sony but we still are not getting a lot of reviews about it so if you have or have seen it in the works comment and tell us about it!
Here is a pic for people who have not seen it yet:

And to close of this post here are a few things I found interesting on Amazon: 

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