Wednesday, July 13, 2011

John Sawyer and the truth

Recently I received an email from the coauthor of this blog saying that a Presidential candidate, John Sawyer III had messenged him about an article that I had wrote.

Now let me remind you what I wrote:
"John W. Sawyer, III calls himself a conservative on his homepage. But, Mr. Sawyer states: “I support Unions. I'm against reducing Capital Gains taxes to create jobs (it doesn't), and against the death penalty.” But, Mr. Sawyer doesn’t support every union as for religious reasons he takes an anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage stance. Also, I believe that being against the death penalty is very liberal stance, so he is not a complete conservative. In addition, he respects religious beliefs of all (I hope so! Every candidate should support religious beliefs of all.) As President and in life, he will “never...ASSUME ANYTHING. IF I DIDN'T KNOW THE FACTS, I WOULD KEEP MY THOUGHTS TO MY SELF.” It is good to not assume anything and I commend him for his words, but you can’t always keep your thoughts to yourself. In a cynical position, he believes “Our elected officials don't know what they are doing” because of all the problems that exist in America at this current time. I think that is not putting faith in elected officials and is a pessimistic view of the world, not having the optimism that things will change. On foreign affairs, he dislikes Saudi Arabia and thinks they are duplicity driven because they say they are fighting terror when they support it (Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi national). In the same tune, Mr. Sawyer needs to come up with a Mideast policy to counter the current Mideast policy, since it world make him a stronger candidate. Later on in his blog, he even questions the government’s narrative relating to Osama’s death, thinking that the U.S. government may not be telling the truth or not the whole truth. I am a bit cynical of the government’s narrative myself, but I don’t want to take sides at this time saying that I support Mr. Sawyer’s statement or the government’s narrative. In addition, he proposes that Osama Bin Laden was taken alive from his compound which could be possibility, but not enough details have been released so it is hard to know the truth. But sometimes he too cynical, saying he dislikes all the Republican candidates other than Mitt Romney and that Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan would “drastically slash Medicare benefits...[they never] ask[ed] Seniors what THEY thought of their ideas [that] are based on one premise - Social Security and Medicare are going broke...Well, then by all means, cut the programs [but no one has the courage to cut them].” I believe that these programs should be reviewed to see if they can be limited to help solve the deficit, then the debt, but they should not be destroyed. Mr. Sawyer takes a good position on Mr. Ryan’s plan. In a somewhat downing note, he enthusiastically says “American is governed by losers” and concludes that “You're a loser. So am I. We continually make the same mistakes, over and over...[so] America [is not] great.” This is the saddest part of his website. It makes him seem like he doesn’t even have confidence in himself to win the election for U.S. President. But, he has the confidence to attack a sitting President."

When I write an article, I use the quotes from the direct source. In this case I used direct quotes from across the website. Take that into consideration.

Now here's the exact words Mr. Sawyer wrote in an email:
"Not with that article - I didn't read it. I DID read, and attempted to comment on your article about the 2012 Presidential Candidates - of whom I am one. I wanted to respond to some of your misconceptions of my positions on certain issues, but I wanted to make sure that my comments would go through. They didn't. Something is wrong either with your setup or my ability to post comments. Anyway, congratulations for reading up on the candidates - even if you weren't to fond of my vitae. If voters would pay as much attention, we wouldn't be faced with the Hobson's choice of two losers like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney."

I have found after reading this, that Mr. Sawyer did not really address the article or clear up misconceptions. It was just an email saying how he could not post about his comments on the article. But he still said "If voters would pay as much attention, we wouldn't be faced with the Hobson's choice of two losers like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney." Now, I do not like Romney or Obama, but I don't think they are losers, I think they are deceptive. Mr. Obama has deceived the American people and lied. Mr. Romney acts like he never passed a plan that led to the so-called "Obamacare."

I am offering the opportunity to Mr.Sawyer to respond to my article: I look forward to hearing from Mr. Sawyer. I'll keep you posted.

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