Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AT&T takes the phone out of the iPhone?

Reports are coming in from everywhere that iPhone users are having problems with the first generation iPhone, there have been reports such as more dropped calls poor coverage and just not able to pick up a reception! So what exactly is going on? When a CNET reporter asked the CEO of AT&T that same question his reply was something like this: "We lead the industry in smart phones, as a result we are having to stay ahead of what is incredible and increasing demand for wireless data services". He gave reasons or "excuses" why the reception wasn't good too like it could depend on the thickness of the building you are in or what location you are, but this doesn't make any since because well its AT&T's job to give us wireless access everywhere we are is it not? This is why we pay them money! He put another excuse out there saying that the first generation iPhone use the EDGE data network which is slower than a 3G network, yea maybe this might slow down the iPhone but it still does not explain why the phone sometimes does not even receive a signal! What I am saying is AT&T is growing with more customers and if they really want to keep up the growth they need to fix their coverage and phones.
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