Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nano shoots video

As everyone knows Apple made it big by creating there sleek and good looking music players. So to add to a camera to the iPod Nano maybe useful right? Well they did that and a lot more to there newvideo iPod Nano. One of the main new features of the iPod Nano is that well it has a built in FM tuner unlike any other iPod player, well that was not enough for Apple they also built in a gadget that lets you pause a live radio station so you can listen to your favorite radio song later! There is also a new Pedometer feature that you can count your steps with, or you can hook your iPod up with Nike and you can track your fitness project. To add to this all you get a bigger screen and a slightly better operating system on the player. As usual you get it in catchy colors:image

Do you think it is worth the money to buy this iPod would you just stick with a normal mp3 or mp4 player? Do you think its worth its $150 dollars?

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