Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Phone from Garmin?

Yea that's what I thought when I first heard about the new “nüvifone” from Garmin! The phone is now available from AT&T looks actually… pretty good!
Built in to the system you will find the fully-integrate worlds best selling GPS system with a bunch of preloaded maps, like all the other AT&T phones it is a 3G phone with HTML web browsing e-mail and text messaging blue tooth capability and a standard 3 megapixel camera. Then again it does have a anti glare (OLED) touch screen display a virtual QWERTY keyboard and you can multi task on many apps. One thing that really caught my eye was that you can connect to a WIFI connection! You can view files on the go from Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, and JPG. Mobile E-mail is standard on the nüvifone from G-Mail, HOTMAIL, AOL mail, POP3 and IMAP. Another really good feature that comes with the phone is a device called Ciao! which basically links all your social networks to gather so you can get your friends status or change your own status on Facebook or any other social networking site on the go! rather than having to log in to each one and doing it one by one! Like Music? well it has a MP3 player built in to the phone so you can listen to music(even though this is becoming standard on every phone). One of the things that turn me off about this device is that well they are suppose to give you 4GB of memory(which is very little any ways) but they have to shrink it down because of the preloaded Maps! Then if I wanted more memory I would have to go out and buy me a Micro SD card which costs a lot! Then there is the fact that if I were to go out on a long trip and don’t have a car charger I would only be able to talk on the phone for four hours and that will probably be cut done more if I am multi tasking by talking to a friend and using the map on the phone…

If you were to buy this it would cost you $300 what do you say? good deal or bad  and last most important would you buy this?

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