Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project Natal from Microsoft

Microsoft has a new product coming out and it just might make Microsoft and break the Wii. The new project is really good in fact here is a video:

Project Natal
The new devise hooks up with your Xbox 360 and there you go you now have totally awesome new device that can do tons of things! This is most probably going to crack the Wii a lot of people would really want to buy this more than a Wii because of all the quality's that you get with this awesome new gadget that is definitely going to make Microsoft! The no controller is going to be a big hit form my point of view. The product should be out in stores by next year. Which leads me to ask this question: Are you excited about Project Natal? How much do you think Microsoft is going to charge for it or how much would you pay for it? and the last question- Do you like the product?microsoft_xbox_360_project_natal1
< Yes it needs the Xbox 360 to work.

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