Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playstation Go- the review

The PSP GO is a small computer that fits in you pocket. I say this because of the features:
  • 16 GB flash memory built in.
  • The best games you can get on a portable device(well the one with the best graphics).
  • Games, Music, Movies, an MP3 MP4 players, with an internet browser and more!
  • 3.8 inch LCD screen
  • Adaptable to TiVo TOGO or Location Free TV or Skype
  • Parental controls
  • Bluetooth compatible

    The PSP GO comes in two colors pearl white and piano black:

It a slide to open system so when you are watching a movie you can close the screen for a better look! The PSP Go is not like a normal portable gaming system you can customize your own background with templates that you get off the internet browser on your PSP(or you can make your own background if you have a PS3). Now the Internet browser is really good in fact you have a lot of features on the internet you can choose from(I know there are better internet browsers on the Iphone or other phones but this is a gaming system with a really good internet browser). If you want to know why I say it is a really good game player well here it is: if you are looking in to graphics on the go this is the system for you, games you get on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 are on the PSP(Gran Turismo, Madden NFL 2010 and more!). Great online game player too.

The official price of the PSP is two-hundred and fifty dollars, I personally disagree with the price because it cant do much more than what the other PSP systems could other than the flip screen and that's about it. Would you buy this or would you buy some thing like the iPod touch which is a lot cheaper? and most importantly do you like the new gadget?

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  1. I managed to have a play on one and I think it's a great device ... but ... at that price point I can virtually buy a PS3 so it's a bit too expensive in my view.


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