Saturday, October 24, 2009

Which web browser suits you?

If you are still confused about which web browser is the simplest and best to use this article just might help you out! These are the three most used web browsers than I recommend you download if you don't have them yet.
lets start with the web browser I prefer to use: Firefox
I prefer to use Firefox because it has a lot of features that you can download to make your experience on the web the most comfortable. This browser works on all types of computers Mac, PC or whatever! Don’t like the way your browser looks? You don’t have to worry about that because in Firefox you can download themes that fit your life style. With over 5000 Add-ons for free on Firefox’s website its really cool and convenient.

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What about Safari?
Safari 4 from apple is very… good? it has a really sleek design and looks and feels comfortable to use. Like Firefox Safari has add-ons too but a lot less more like 150 features. More over Safari is a safe browser you can set up parental controls easily and a lot more. Click here to view all the features on Safari. What I don’t like about Safari is that apple concentrates more on Apple customers than people who just downloaded the browser for free, they have more features recommended to Mac owners than the rest of the population.


image image

Internet Explorer:
Internet Explorer is my least recommended browser it does not have a lot of features and with out the right protection you could get a virus or spyware on your computer before you know. Microsoft obviously did not spend much time on creating Internet Explorer and until they sit down and concentrate on the browser its at the bottom of the food chain. I am not going to completely put down the browser it still has a lot of features that come with it that make it a good browser which is really easy to use.



Safari 4.0
Internet Explorer 8
Note: All of these browsers include at least some personalization when downloaded such as customizing the font, security etc.

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