Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to install templates on your blog

This post is made for people who:

  1. Have there own blog on blogger
  2. Want to install a customized template on their blog
  3. Don’t know how to install a custom template on there blog!

The first thing you want to know about installing your own custom templates on your blog is that- Once you install your own template all your widgets on your side bar will be erased meaning you can’t get them back!

It gets complicated so hang with me and if you read all the steps you can be successful. Oh and its Not illegal so don't worry about blogger taking away your blog(Interesting Blogger has a upgraded template too!)

Now that that’s finished here is how to install your own template:

  1. First you want to download a template any website here are a few examples: etc. Just Google search free blogger templates. Make sure the file you downloaded is a XML file! The file you download needs to be unzipped! So it depends on what kind of computer you have, Windows 7 and Vista all you have to do is right click and press 7 zip and extract full. XP can most probably do this but if you can’t download: Winrar it unzips files for you and there is a trial.
  2. Go to your blogger dashboard and click Layout
  3. Once you are in the screen where it lets you add/arrange page elements click- Edit HTML
  4. This is where it gets complicated well kind of. **REMEMBER** before you follow this step after you upload your new template Blogger will delete all your sidebar widgets(Not your posts)!!
  5. Click browse select the file you previously downloaded from a site from step one… Then Upload it.
  6. Once you have accept everything that blogger tells you and go back to your site and there you go! Brand new awesome looking templates for your site!

Other problems and solutions:

Say you downloaded a template and everything looks great but… You don’t like the font type. Well there is a easy solution to that! All you have to do is go to Layout and click Fonts and colors, and here you can choose the color of your title/text/ and everything else!

You downloaded a template but want to switch back to your pervious layout? The answer is simple but for people who have not done this before they uploaded there new template I am sorry we can’t do anything about that. Okay so all you have to do is go to Edit HTML on your Layout page and BEFORE you upload your new template click download Full Template. And by doing this you can switch between templates!

Do you have buttons on your template that you want to activate? Simple after you have unziped the template you downloaded click one of the “Read Me” notepad things.

Any other questions? leave a comment below and I will reply to you.

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