Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Mash Up!

Introducing the weekly mash up, on a random day every week we will post a mash up of different mini reviews/gadgets/news etc. These can be polls or they can just catch you up with the news! Here is the first, enjoy!

iPhone/iPod touch and iPad just might make other handheld game systems extinct.

Consider this for one second... is it easier to play games on an PSP or Nintendo DSi or is it easier to play a game on your iPod touch or iPhone? (that's if you have one) Experts are already saying that in the short future all other hand held game systems are just a bit too complex for the rest of us to play on but the iPod touch and iPhone makes playing games easier and more interactive. In the end the decision is completely up to you but more people are buying iPhone's and iPod touch's just because of the fact that they can do more than an hand held button pressing game system.

Are we forgetting about the oil spill?
Well the oil spill has been going on for a while and if you watch the news every day or even every other day you should know that there has been less and lesser (if that's a word) news or even talk about it. So are we or not?

Is Android the new Windows of mobile devices?
Think about it Android is just like windows they sell there OS to different companies (like HTC or Motorola to name a few) to put in there products which is almost exactly like Windows. So are Android users facing the same issues as Windows users are? Cheap prices on some amazing products on Amazon I suggest buying:



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