Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yeah we are back. Again.

    And this time its going to be different.. This is the new Interesting blogger, meaning more news more reviews and a better all around feel. Of course we will still be writing about technology (I mean thats what we do- thats what we are good at) but we will also be introducing new topics, subjects, and things that will make you want to  plant your face on your monitor and actually comment on the new articals. I mean we can't promise that all of you guys will "like" all our articals but hopefully you will be more engaged or interested in them.
  Sneak peeks:
  • Better reviews and more interesting gadgets- So you don't want to hear about some random gadget you've never heard of huh? Well with our up coming reviews we will make you more knowledgeable of the gadgets and introduce them to you in a whole new way..
  • News- Usually most people find this subject boring but we want to redesign the way you look at news from now on. We are not going to post things that you may find boring in fact not all the news you may see on CNN show up because not all the news on CNN is not exactly what you would call interesting.
  • Entertainment- Now this is still a maybe so we are not sure if we are going to add this but if we do people who find TV, Movies, etc can refer to this section. 
  • Not perfect English- Nobody is perfect so don't expect our English to be either! 
  • Amazon Associates- Now with Amazon Associates added to the site we will allow users to order there gadgets(if they are interested) straight from the website so you don't have to Google it and find it from some random website, just click on the product and buy it!
Check back soon for a new post! And here are a few example of the Amazon Associates: 

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